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Police officers from Polsek, West Denpasar raided two spas located in Jalan Kebo Iwa Utara and Jalan Gunung Agung, West Denpasar.

The two spas were reported as places of prostitution according to Nusa Bali and from the two locations, the officers secured two couples, as well as evidence of used condoms and tissues.

The first raid was conducted on Monday (29/5) at 3pm at D & T Spa at Jalan Kebo Iwa Utara No 11, West Denpasar. Each room was searched and officers found a naked couple in one. Both were then taken to police headquarters for further interrogation. The owner of Spa named Siti Fadilah, 26, was also questioned.

“From the couple’s statement, they had just finished having sex. So, officers secured evidence in the form of bed sheets, condoms, towels and cash Rp 350,000 which was the result of the transaction,” said Denpasar West Police Chief, Iptu Aan Saputra RA, on Tuesday afternoon (30/5).

Two days earlier, on Friday (26/5) police also raided the Ramayana Spa at Jalan Gunung Agung, West Denpasar. From this location, the police also secured another couple. The couple were not husband and wife and had also just had sexual intercourse. Officers found both naked and were immediately secured. “The discovery of this place of sex under the guise of Spa and Salon was based on public information, after which, members conducted an inquiry to know the truth of the information. The result is true and in accordance with the report,” explained the former police chief of Mengwi, Badung.

The perpetrators were snared with article 296 of the Criminal Code junto Article 506 of the Criminal Code about deliberately establishing or facilitating lewd acts. “The owners and couples involved were only subjected to a charge and not arrested,” concluded Iptu Aan.