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On Monday, Bali’s National Narcotics Agency (BNN) arrested an American man with the initials CB (32) while he was picking up a package containing hashish at the Sunset Road, Kuta Post Office. The package had been sent from Holland.

“There were four packages: two from Colombia, one from Holland, and the last from Poland,” said BNN chief, Ketut Arta, to reporters yesterday, as quoted by Berita Bali. “The suspect collected the package two days after it arrived.”

The post office staff were suspicious when they received the packages and immediately sent them to the forensic lab of the Denpasar police. As it turned out only the package from Holland was found to contain 5.71 grams of hashish. The other three packages didn’t contain any narcotics. The discovery was reported to BNN who then staked out the post office to see who was going to pick up the packages.

“CB then came in to collect the four packages,” Arta said. “The evidence in his possession is enough to prosecute him.” Currently, the Agency is trying to trace the individual or network who sent the drugs.

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