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Image: Grand Hyatt Beach, Nusa Dua. Credit: Pinterest.

Visitors on Nusa Dua Beach, right behind the Grand Hyatt Hotel, were shocked to find a floating body on Wednesday afternoon (2/27).

The man, later identified as American tourist, Dr Arnold Bucciarllei (76) allegedly drowned while swimming in Nusa Dua waters and was declared dead on arrival at BIMC Hospital.

According to BaliPost, the American man was staying at Hotel Vidi Taman Griya, Jimbaran. From information gathered from the victim’s guide or driver, Edi Santoso (34), at 2.30pm he and the man headed for Nusa Dua from Jimbaran and when they arrived at the beach a half hour later, the victim immediately went in the water for a swim.

15 minutes later, Edi from Bondowoso, East Java, heard a beach goer shouting that they had seen a body floating from the beach. Edi ran immediately to the location and discovered that his guest was the victim.

Edi and the beach goers pulled the man to the beach. The driver, Edi asked nearby residents to call the ambulance from BIMC Hospital. The ambulance arrived five minutes later and the man was transported to the hospital.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the medical team found the victim had no pulse and was declared dead.

South Kuta District police spokesman, Inspector Muh. Nurul Yaqin, confirmed the incident and said. “The incident is being handled by the Denpasar Water Police.”

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  • Dave

    The moral of this story is dont drown in bali coz nobody knows Resuscitation…

  • Demetrius (Australia)

    Correct Dave, in particular the locals, I was there as well.

    However there was a gentleman by the name of Andreas (tourist) who performed non stop resuscitation from the time the man was pulled from the water right until the ambulance arrived which was approximately 35 mins later.

    There were 1-2 other people who also assisted Andreas.

    Andreas must be commended on his efforts, he did everything he could whilst surrounded by a crowd that couldn’t, you’re good man.

    Absolute disgrace that it took 25-30 mins for an ambulance to arrive considering the hospital is a 2 min drive away (don’t know where the 5 min came from as reported)

    What was more inhumane was the behaviour of the security patrol team (around 10) who were smoking, filming and taking photos and showed no iniative let alone any sense of urgency to find solutions.

    This unfortunate incident has left many with a heavy heart.

    Condolences to the Arnold family.

    • Donna Bucciarelli

      Thank you for your condolences. He was my father and was traveling on a bucket list trip. This beach looks so calm I am in disbelief. But please offer thanks to anyone who participated in efforts to save him.

  • Bali view

    Great guide obviously…
    Didnt bother check on his client and he probaly wasnt even looking when this elderly man went into Nusa dua water.
    He would of known there are currents.
    Moral of the story is make sure you get a guide who has your safety as a priority.

  • Donna Bucciarelli

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Andreas? I will provide information on how he can contact me so as not to invade his privacy. I want to thank him for his heroic efforts.

  • Louis Smith

    Such as shame things like this. I know the Angles Billabong is a tricky place to swim on Nusa Penida.

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