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The latest news in Jakarta nightlife is that the long standing nightclub and seven floor entertainment emporium, Alexis, was closed yesterday by the Jakarta Provincial Government. The news, which heralds a new era in Jakarta according to some, has been greeted with jubilation, horror and skepticism in some quarters.

Governor and Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno, said in an announcement that they would not extend the business license of Alexis Hotel and Griya Massage. The Letter of Intent was published on Friday (27/10/2017).

“We have taken the decision not to renew the business license of Alexis,” said Anies at City Hall of DKI Jakarta, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan on Monday (10/30/2017).

Anies explained to the press that the Jakarta Provincial Government has a basis not to renew Alexis business license. One of them is the number of complaints from the public.

“We are firm, we do not want Jakarta to be a city that allows prostitution and we hear reports, hear complaints from citizens, as well as from the news,” he said.

Anies appeared to be reluctant in elaborating on the evidence kept by the Jakarta Provincial Government to not re-issue the business license.

As has been well documented, the closing of Alexis was a campaign promise during the last gubernatorial elections in the capital where Ahok was unceremoniously ejected from his position as Governor and wound up in jail on blasphemy charges. Ahok, who was famous for closing another notorious Jakarta nightclub, Stadium, had often taunted the new governor to fulfill his promise to the Jakarta people, even from behind bars.

“Now the nightclub hotel can no longer do business activities there. (The permit) is up, as issued. The letter has been out since Friday,” said Anies. Alexis is closed.

Meanwhile, it was claimed that Alexis had paid Rupiah 30 billion in taxes last year and it is estimated that 1000 people are now out of work.

Image: Alexis Closes (Alexis Facebook)