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Alexis hotel and massage was closed last week because of a ruling from Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan not to renew the North Jakarta property’s business license, which has now threatened to bankrupt the group, while the company claims to have never committed any drug-related or morality offenses.

The closure of Alexis is now apparently a concern for all nightlife entertainment entrepreneurs and their business futures in the capital. The Jakarta Entertainment Entrepreneurs Association even plans to move business to Bali.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bali Province, Anak Agung Ngurah Alit Wiraputra firmly rejects what he calls ‘hidden prostitution businesses under the guise of entertainment’ entering the Island of the Gods. Nightlife venues in Bali are numerous, but still there are limits.

“Tourism in Bali is a culturally based, so this kind of night entertainment is not welcome here. It is wrong if they want to move to Bali,” Alit Wiraputra told Republika on Friday (3/11).
Covert prostitution ala Alexis, says Alit Wiraputra, if they presume to do the same here in Bali, is not of interest to tourists coming to the island. This is because the main purpose of tourists, especially foreign tourists visiting Bali, is to go on tour.

There are 142 attractions in Bali. Alit Wiraputra says foreign tourists who stay a week are not even able to visit every tourist attraction. So, the transfer of sex businesses from Jakarta to Bali will only waste tourists’ time and tarnish the culture of Bali based on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana.

Alit Wiraputra acknowledged that the growth of entertainment business in Bali is quite high, an average of 12 percent per year. They range from restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs, discotheques, karaoke places, but he says, none serve prostitution. (None? Ed.)

“Foreign tourists do not like karaoke, only Indonesians like those places. Foreign tourists mostly like bars and clubs, but limit themselves to drinking and dancing,” said Alit Wiraputra.
The most popular entertainment activities of foreign tourists in Bali are dinner and clubbing. There are at least 13 popular nightspots in Bali, including Puri Santrian Bar, Mirror Lounge and Bar, The Bush Telegraph Pub, Double Six Club, La Favela, Temple Lounge & Bar, and The Bamboo Bar. (sic. His words, not ours)

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