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Image: The Underpass project. Credit: infrast_mantab.

The Ngurah Rai-Tugu underpass construction is moving forward fast with the progress now reaching 62 percent. The main focus is still excavating the tunnel from the north to the south side.  The next step should be the underpass floor and wall construction.

An officer from the National Road Implementation Agency (BBPJN), Nyoman Yasmara, told Bali Post on Thursday that by the end of May his team will begin landscaping around the roundabout and finishing off the pump control post.

“Before Idul Fitri (mid-June), we hope the frontage is fully functional. We are optimistic that the underpass will be fully functional in August,” he said.

Yasmara also said that the park inside the roundabout area will return, but it won’t be open to the public.  “Only the park maintenance from City and Park Agency (DKP) and pump maintenance officers will be allowed to go into the park,” he said to

In regard to flooding, five pumps have been installed in the underpass. Four pumps will be used and one is a reserve. To maintain the air circulation inside the tunnel, 16 ventilation holes will be installed in the underpass ceiling.

Meanwhile, for people wanting to access the Karangasem temple on the northwest side, a tunnel has been prepared. The length of the tunnel is 132 m with 8 m width and 5.2 m height, while the total length of the underpass will be 712 m. The underpass walls will be decorated with I Gusti Ngurah Rai ornaments.