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Image: Denpasar Airport Arrivals, Credit. ST

PT Angkasa Pura (AP) I is widening the Bali Airport apron. This is being developed in order to welcome members of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Annual Meeting, which will be held on Bali from October 8-14, 2018.

The Director General of Aviation at the Transportation Ministry, Agus Santoso, has asked AP I to finish it on time, including the quantity and quality. “As a host, we must welcome and service these guests as good as possible in every aspect, including flight safety, security and convenience,” Agus Santoso said in an official statement yesterday.

The meeting will be attended by 23 head of states and 17,000 delegates from 189 countries.

Agus advised that every obstacle that makes the building process slower must be handled as fast as possible without harming other parties. “I hope the airport management can work together with other parties so the airport facilities will be completed on time,” he said to

PT Angkasa Pura (AP) I has stated that there will be physical and non-physical improvements to the airport to welcome the IMF Annual Meeting 2018. Non-physical facilities include operational hours becoming 24 hours around the clock, and the runway capacity will be increased from 27 to 31 flights per hour. The physical facilities that will be added are two rapid taxiway exits, 11 parking stands on the north apron, 11 parking spots on the south apron, 40 new international check-in counters and a five level parking lot for 748 cars. These projects will be completed at Ngurah Rai airport from July to October 2018.