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A German man, Bernd Klaus Walzinger, 60, was reported missing when he was diving off Pemuteran Beach, Buleleng, North Bali, yesterday.

The Head of Buleleng Water Police (Polair), Commissioner Putu Aryana, told reporters on Sunday evening that a report was received by police from a local diving guide on Sunday at around 1.30pm. The report said that the man, who is said to be a well-known diver and diving instructor, began diving alone at around 9am at a Pemuteran diving spot. He was diving at a depth of around 110 meters and took four oxygen tanks with him, but after several hours he didn’t came back to the surface as planned.

The local guide, who accompanied him to the location, said that he tried to find him, but without any success, and then reported the incident to the police. It is suspected that the man may have been swept away by sea currents.

The Head of Buleleng SAR Office, Putu Neksen, said that the search was carried out five kilometers on each side of the drop location. “We have been working together with Jembrana SAR Office, but we still couldn’t find him,” he said to

“We went directly to the location after we received the report. 20 personal searched for him until 5.30pm. We have also checked all the surrounding land areas,” Aryana told

The man lived at Banjar Dinas Beluhu Kangin, Tulamben, Karangasem.

“The weather was not good with strong winds. The search will begin again tomorrow,” he concluded.

Latest reports are that the man still hasn’t been found.