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A disruption on Telkom 1 satellite has affected the Data Communication Network (JKD) of several ATMs across Indonesia. In Bali, around 11 percent of the 3.061 ATMs spread across the island have been out of order due to the problem.

Despite the error, the head of Bank Indonesia’s Representative Office in Bali, Causa Iman Karana, said that the public should not panic because customarily banks have a backup network that will be active if there was ever a disruption on the main network.

According to Bali Post, banks in Bali have anticipated the satellite error by activating the JKD backup and coordinating with Telkom to fix the problem, including by diverting the connection from Telkom 1 satellite to Telkom S3 or other satellites. “You can still do withdrawals and transfers of funds,” said Karana.

If any member of the public found an offline ATM, they are advised to withdraw or transfer via other ATMs that are part of the interbank network (ATM Bersama), and one of the biggest banks in Indonesia, BCA, now temporarily has eliminated additional surcharges if you withdraw money from other banks. Moreover, people can withdraw and transfer through ATMs that are available at branch offices because they used fiber optics for ATM services instead of satellites.

Karana said that he will keep supervising the recovery process by continuously coordinating with the central office of Bank Indonesia and banks representatives in Bali. He predicted that the recovery will take about five to 25 working days for banks that are significantly affected.