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Here’s a story for daydreamers on a wet, kind of miserable Hari Merdeka afternoon in Bali.

According to Airbnb, the facilities and the price are at the forefront for most travelers when choosing lodgings. Maybe Instagramability could be right up there too.

Here is a list of the top 10 most popular online accommodations around the world compiled by travelers’ ‘wishlists’ on the popular website, and TWO are right here in Bali.

The list was posted to celebrate the online accommodation sharing site’s 10th anniversary.

Two accommodations in Bali were in the top ten and the reason given was the two spots offer eco-friendly designs at affordable prices.

Hideout Bali Eco Bamboo Home

The first from this island is HIDEOUT BALI – Eco Bamboo Home, which is ranked No 4. Located in the Sideman area, this eco-friendly accommodation made totally from bamboo is enough to steal a foreign traveler’s heart. It is sited on the banks of the small river and adjacent to rice fields, and its rustic charm has helped to make it one of the most desired places to stay in all of Bali. The cost is around Rp. 2.5 million per night.

Bamboo Eco Cottage, Ubud

Then there is the Bamboo Eco Cottage in Ubud. Not a lot different from Hideout Bali, this one is also made of bamboo and environmentally friendly. The cost of staying per night is quite affordable, around USD 90 or around IDR 1.3 million per night.

In addition to the two Bali options above, here is a complete list of the 10 most sought-after inns by Airbnb users. Well worth a look on a wet Bali Hari Merdeka afternoon.

  1. I Sette Coni, Italy
  2. Hector Cave House, Greece
  3. Romantic, Colombia
  4. Hideout Bali Eco Bamboo Home, Indonesia
  5. Luxurious Stone Villa, Greece
  6. Dreamy Tropical Tree House, Hawaii
  7. Bamboo Eco Cottage, Indonesia
  8. Off-grid ItHouse, United States
  9. The Cosy Palace, Morocco
  10. Waterfront, Montenegro